The exciting time has come to build your dream home or renovate an existing residence! During our initial free consultation, you are encouraged to bring along all requirements you may have in regards to your custom design project. This wish list may consist of square footage, number of rooms, use of space and the general architectural style and feel that interests you. In addition, please bring along pictures, sketches, magazines, and any other materials that may help convey your vision. Local building codes, zoning and design restrictions will also be discussed and taken into consideration. After reviewing all the details related to your project, a quote based on a price per square foot will be presented.

After our initial meeting, I will begin the task of transferring all design ideas and requirements into a preliminary drawing of the floor plan which includes the room layouts with walls, windows, doors, dimensions, and square feet. Drawings will also include the exterior facade of all sides of the building and when complete, copies will be forwarded to you for review. After receiving the plans, you will be able to meet with me in person or easily contact me by phone or email to request any further revisions of the preliminary drawings until you’re fully satisfied.

During the final stage, after all changes have been made and requirements met, final working drawings will be produced. You will then be provided with pdf copies of the drawings to then be printed, so you can submit to your city or regional district to obtain your building permit. Let the building begin!